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Over the course of time a large number of persons helped the Fundación Salvación. We are grateful to all of them and would like to present some of them on this page.

Sandra Temaj, Director, mail:
César Temaj, Doctor of the Foundation


Counsel of the Foundation


The counsel of the Foundation consists of members that have been working for years for the good of the children. The counsel is the body that takes decisions about finances and projects. Among the members of the councel are:

  • President Sandra de Témaj,
  • Vice president Domitila,
  • Secretary Itiel,
  • Treasurer Claudia,
  • Spokes persons:
    • César Témaj,
    • Hector Carrillo,
    • Marco Vinicio Palacios,
    • Eddi Fuentes.

The team of the Foundation


The operating team of the Foundation consists of the following members:

  • Director Sandra de Témaj,
  • In charge of the girls and young ladies: Mujeres Juana Rueda,
  • In charge of the boys: Luis Sosa,
  • In charge of the babies Cristina Escobedo,
  • In charge of the kitchen Migdalia Gómez,
  • In charge of maintenance Elixander Castillo,
  • In charge of collecting contributions from the benefactores of Huehuetenango: Israel Palacios,
  • Book keeper Walter Palacios,
  • administrative support Claudia.


Patricia Zaldivar, El Salvador

Patricia Zaldivar helps us with the translation of the web page to English.


We always receive people from abraod or from our own country who do volunary work. The persons themselves select the work according to their abilities or the group of children they want to work with. The voluntaries can live with us without any cost or live outside with a family. It does not matter if they do not speak Spanish perfectly, because the children can be excellent teachers.

All voluntaries are welcome, independently of other activities (classes in a language school, social projects, ...) they might undertake during their stay.

The Foundation has the support of school teachers with many years of experience teaching Spanish.

Deborah Hurst, Germany

Two years ago I helped as a voluntary to build a house in an orphanage in Uganda. Through the Spanish school Xinabajul I got to know Fundación Salvación and as I wanted to do something useful in my vacations, I decided to go Huehuetenango. In the morning I went to the Spanish school and in the afternoon I went to the orphanage. Even though I spoke little Spanish, it was a very nice encounter. The children taught me to play football and basket ball, they made my plaits, I pushed them on the swing, and sometimes playing they were all over me, dangling from my arms and legs. In the evening I helped to bring the little ones to bed.

My stay was were different from what I had expected (I built no houses) but I felt very well with the children. What I liked most was that the children treated each other very nicely and were very sweet with each other. The bigger ones cared for the smaller ones, played with them and hugged them when they felt the need for it.

Deborah Hurst

Patricia Strehlke, Germany

The three weeks in the Foundation were very enriching for me. I was part of this big loving family. Every day it was interesting to participate in the live of the children, see what they cared about, what they liked. I saw my task of returning a bit of that which they gave me in abundance: the joy to live and some really really big hugs!

Pati Strehlke

Roger Muskett, USA

For many years Roger Muskett has been visiting us in his school holidays (he is teacher), up to three times a year. He likes much to play with the children, he takes them out to eat, to have walks and enjoy the time with him.

Martina, Germany

I came to Huehuetenango around January 2009. I wanted to improve my basic Spanish skills and help as a volunteer in a social project for children. I had checked this out via internet earlier and thus went to Huehuetenango. I was welcomed very cordially and from the beginning I decided to work the small children from 5 to 7 years of age. Right from the start "my boys" conquered my heart such that I stayed in the orphanage until returning back to Germany in June 2009. I want to engage me for the chldren of the Foundation also in the future as I think they really earn my undivided attention.

If you want to know more about my experience, write me at

Martin Hiebsch, Germany
Martin discovered the Foundation through the Spanish school and

came to the Foundation in the afternoon. The children called him Picasso because he painted the study room of the small ones. In the month he stayed with us he played lots of football with the children and they liked him very much.


Fundacion Salvacion: my home in Guatemala

After volunteering 3 months in an orphanage in the middle of the jungle, I arrived to Fundacion Salvacion not sure what I would find in this new project. While in the first place I felt amazed by the power of the nature surrounding, here I was touched by the love and goodwill of everyone that works and lives at the Fundacion. From the younger kids, to the adults, everyone welcomed me in a very special way and I felt at home.

During my one month stay, I developed an internet project, with the main goal of presenting Fundacion Salvacion to others and create a fund raising system to help support the orphanage. During this time, I worked during the day at the orphanage, where I had the chance to learn to know the children, their stories and their dreams.

In order to help them prepare for the future, I also gave some English and informatics lessons. I had never teached before, and I must say maintaining their attention was a challenge, but a very rewarding one... the kids were curious and always eager to learn more.

Honestly, at Fundacion Salvacion there is a lot you can do, but above all what the kids really want is to conquer your love and attention. I wish I could have stayed longer, but I left taking their love with me and knowing that I will come back.

Bill Smedts, Canada

I have been helping out at Fundacion for a few years, making friends, learning Spanish, and enjoying the culture. I have been involved mostly with the area in the back for the teenage boys, helping to develop it from a storage area/junk yard to a reasonable accomodation for them. There were various work groups from Canada and the US always in need of an extra hand. Small building projects, teaching English, music lessons, or just one-on-one time are some ways to help. The rewards are everlasting. I watched the kids grow and spent many interesting and enjoyable times with them...Gracias amigos. Getting to know Sandra and the other workers at Fundacion is equally special and the whole experience was unforgetable. I always made sure to visit around Semana Santa to enjoy the celebrations, parades, and goings on. The Spanish Academy Xinabajul is tops in my books for their excellent lessons, day trips, and get togethers. Gracias Otto y Sheny. I'll be back mis amigos. Hasta pronto, Bill

Don y Robin Arborough, USA

Don and Robin Arborough are a couple that has been helping us for many years financing construction works. Don made the plans for the Foundation and coordinates with the Buckner Foundation in order to realize our projects. Robin takes care of interior decoration so that the children feel at home. They are always very interested in the health of the children and are very kind with all of them.


Cristobal, Sweden

Cristobal came to Fundación Salvación in August 2009 to teach the children English. English is very important for them as they have much better chances to find a good work if they speak English.

Oliver Oppitz, Austria

For me it was the first time that I visited an orphanage. Martina had me invited because we wanted to travel some time through Guatemala. Therefore I used the chance to know Huehuetanengo and the Fundación Salvación. I was excited that it was a place of happiness, and of happy children, and thus in a sense totally the contrary how I had imagined an orphanage. Though I was somewhat "reserved" at the beginning, the good energy was contagious and I lived some very nice days. I liked very much to play with the children. Obviously they need much attention, as there are only few adults to take care of the 100 children. I am very grateful for the hospitaly that I found in the foundation and I will return when I can: I still have Sandra Temja's words in my ear that her house would always be my house.

If you are curious to know more about the foundation, drop me a line. I´m happy to share my experiences and maybe you motivate yourself to visit the Foundation.

Oliver Oppitz

[PS: Four months later I returned to the Foundation in order to work on their website. It was as nice an experience as the first time.]

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