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Dear visitors of our web site!

As the parents of families know, having children always means big costs. The same holds true for Fundación Salvación who gives a home to aproximately a hundred children of all ages, from babies to adolscents. Due to the generosity of many donors in the course of the years, we could continue our work for the good of the children. God bless them!

We are happy to receive religious and lay groups who want to visit the children. Many of these groups bring sweets or even piñatas for the children. However, for the sake of their dental health we'd like to ask you not to bring sweets. Due to the currently difficult financial situation of the Foundation we'd like to ask our visitors to consider other options (groceries, diapers, beans, rice, notebooks for the school or money), should they desire to bring presents. We'd also like to aks you to contact us early for arranging a date for your visit.

For covering a part of the expenses the Foundation has a small grocery store and a small farmacy. If you visit Huehuetenango, you can support the Foundation by buying in the shop or farmacy. Donations of medicine are always welcome, as much for the use of the children or for selling them in the farmacy.


All the children frequent public schools. Even though the uniforms are handed over from the older to the younger children whenever possible, we have to pay for inscription fees, buses, school milk etc. Some of the children have the chance to learn to play an instrument in a nearby music school. The Foundation can cover these costs only due to the help of donors.

Currently the most urgent necessities are

  • money to pay the bills for electricity, gas, telephone, and food
  • donations of food
  • diapers
  • medicine for illnesses of the stomach, the lungs and skin
  • underwear
  • towels
  • shoes
  • bedclothes.

Due to donations of used clothes we have lots of shirts, trouses, etc. There are also many toys but we would need books for the small children and enciclopedic books for the home work of the adolescents.

The Foundation is always open for new collaborators and volunteers. If you want to give some hours of your time, we will most certainly find a task that you will like. They range from helping with the home work, supervise playing children, help in the grocery store, in the kitchen, in the laundry or with administrative tasks in the office.

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