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What is a godparent

The godparents of the Foundation have the chance to establish a friendly and familiar relation with one of the children. The child feels that one is interested in him or her and that this is a long standing commitment. Now and then the children will write a letter or email, telling what happend in their lives in this period. From the side of the Foundation we inform about the progress in the school and about any other exceptional situation (activities, illness, etc.). From the side of the godparents it is expected to answer the children's letters and that they participate actively in the communication. Naturally it is possible to visit the children, inside the Foundation.

Many of the children did not receive much tenderness and did not have a family. For this reason they are more susceptible for desillusions. At the beginning they can be wary but when they love a person it is forever. If they have a padrino, he or she gets a big importance and in some sense nearly substitutes a parent. One should be conscious of this before taking the decision to become the godparent of a child.

As a signal of commitment to the child, we ask you to support the Foundation with a monthly contribution of $30 or more. o más mensuales.

How to be a godparent

If you want to be a godparent or if you have questions please get into contact with us via telephone or mail.

If you would like to help the Foundation but fear that you cannot maintain the contact with the child in the long term (e.g. lack of time), it would be better to consider a monthly donation without other commitments. This way the child does not suffer the frustration when his or her letters are not answered.


The babies being taken care of by the Foundation can be children of working mothers, mothers that live with use due to problems of mistreatment and children that were sent by a judge because they were not cared for well in their families.

Despite the fact that the majority of these babies have mothers, they will need support for having a good education and good chances in life.


Each child that you can observe on this page has a dear little heart full of love and desire to have godparent, in order to give him his affection and share his life with him.


Next year they will enter the first level of a private school which is very expensive. Therefore they would be very grateful for the help of a godparent.


In a few months some of the following adolescents will finish their school education. Many of them would like to study in a university and thus the help of a godparten would be very welcome.

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